Diet Plan for Fighters: Facts About Nutrition Before and After Training

diet plan for fighters nutrition before and after training

For MMA or Boxing fighters at all levels, it’s fundamental to have a balanced diet plan. 

Finding the perfect fighter’s diet plan can take months of testing and adjustments to find one that suits your needs. A disproportional diet can make you feel slow and lethargic. The frequency of eating and the number of calories you consume are important for your training capacity and recovery.

Know what to eat before and after training is fundamental, so you will have the energy to do your best during a training session and good muscle recovery after it. Before training the best options are carbohydrates, root vegetables and eggs, for example. After training, you need to focus on muscle recovery and meals based on protein and good fats. Here are some other important facts about the diet plan for combat sports training.

Infographic about nutrition diet plan

Infographic based on an article posted  at MMA Station

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