The Guide To Choosing Boxing Gloves – Double Jab

Guide to Choosing Boxing Gloves – There is a variety of materials used to make boxing gloves. The boxing gloves you choose can make a huge difference in your performance in and out of the ring. It all depends on what you are looking for, why you are looking for them and how often they will be used. If you are […]

5 Top boxing Gyms On The Sunshine Coast

Double Jab has searched far and wide for 5 of the top boxing gyms on the Sunshine Coast! If you’re from the sunny coast, you’ll be pleased to know some of the things that make your local boxing gyms so authentic! The local gyms shared; how and when they were introduced to the boxing scene, […]

Double Jab: Meet, Eat, Gym, Street

WHO IS DOUBLE JAB? Double Jab is a flexible, fashionable, durable and comfortable clothing and lifestyle brand that’s ideal to meet, eat, gym or hit the street in. Double Jab guarantees you results, it’ll help boost both your confidence and your performance, in no time you’ll be soaring sky-high. It was established from a passion for […]