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Diet Plan for Fighters: Facts About Nutrition Before and After Training

diet plan for fighters nutrition before and after training

For MMA or Boxing fighters at all levels, it’s fundamental to have a balanced diet plan.  Finding the perfect fighter’s diet plan can take months of testing and adjustments to find one that suits your needs. A disproportional diet can make you feel slow and lethargic. The frequency of eating and the number of calories […]

The Guide To Choosing Boxing Gloves – Double Jab

Guide to Choosing Boxing Gloves – There is a variety of materials used to make boxing gloves. The boxing gloves you choose can make a huge difference in your performance in and out of the ring. It all depends on what you are looking for, why you are looking for them and how often they will be used. If you […]

Double Jab: Meet, Eat, Gym, Street

Double Jab Boxing Training

WHO IS DOUBLE JAB? Double Jab is a flexible, fashionable, durable and comfortable clothing and lifestyle brand that’s ideal to meet, eat, gym or hit the street in. Double Jab guarantees you results, it’ll help boost both your confidence and your performance, in no time you’ll be soaring sky-high. It was established from a passion […]