7 Top Boxing Gyms in and around Brisbane!

7 Top Boxing Gyms in and around Brisbane!

Ding Ding Ding Round 2! Moving south from our top 5 boxing gyms on the Sunny Coast, Double Jab are now giving you the low-down on the top boxing gyms, that Brisbane and the surrounds has to offer.

If you’re looking for a Boxing gym around Brisbane, take some notes! Coaches share their insight about boxing, how their passion for the sport began, their favourite all- time boxers, fighters to watch out for in the near future and some top boxing tips you’ll need to know, that’s if you want to get serious in the boxing game!

(PS; It’s in no particular order)

1. The Boxing Shop.

Website – The Boxing Shop

Phone – 1300 660017

The Boxing Shop is without doubt one of the most famous boxing gyms in Brisbane, and for good reason. The Boxing shop is a place you are welcome to regardless of age, fitness or your boxing ability. From novice to top class amateurs and professional fighters, you’ll find them all at the Boxing shop!

Head Coach Gareth Williams is a world class coach and was happy to share some information on himself and the Club. Gareth’s passion for boxing started in the year 2000 after suffering injuries at footy. He finished the year and went boxing training with the intent of getting fit for the next football season. Gareth never made it back to footy and from then on, boxing took over his life.

Gareth’s favourite all time boxers;

Nigel Ben – For being an exciting beast of a fighter

Prince Naseem – Best entertainer/Puncher (we could not agree more)

Lennox Lewis – Tactician with world class heavyweight power

Double Jab note – if you have not seen much of Ben AKA the Dark destroyer go to YouTube and check out his wars with Chris Eubank absolute classics. Here is round 12 of the second encounter

Gareth’s top boxing tip;

“Never stop practising the basics, basic stance and hand positioning are vital in becoming a successful fighter. Also perfect practice makes perfect performance”

Gareth’s fighter to watch for the future;

“Jack Bowen – Classy fighter with Skills and good punch power,will develop into a world class Professional in the coming years”

(Jack Bowen – Credit Courier Mail)

2. All Star boxing academy.

Facebook – All Star Boxing academy

Phone – 0421565962

All Star Boxing academy are based in Pine Rivvers PCYC. The team are training Monday to Friday offering Competitive Amateur Boxing. The are headed up by head coach Benny Harrington.

Benny started in 1998 when he joined the then Kurbingui Boxing Club under coach and mentor Syl Johns.

Benny’s top boxing tip;

“Success isn’t owned it’s leased and rent is due every day!”

Bennys fighter to watch for the future;

Liam Wilson – 135 fights 122 wins 2018 Australian Commonwealth Games 64kg Boxer.

(Liam Wilson in action)

3. No Deal Boxing.

Website – No Deal Boxing

Phone – 0405097476

No Deal Boxing are based in Ormiston and headed up by ex-pro Phillip Holiday. Phillip held the IBF lightweight title in 1995 and successfully defended it 6 times before eventually losing (by decision) to Shane Mosley in 1997.

Phillip shared with us, that he got into boxing at 14, for fitness and was big into sport. A couple of his friends started boxing so he decided to as well. He had 100 amateur fights and then turned professional. He spent most of his career in Benoni, South Africa.

Phillip’s favourite all time boxer;

Marvellous Marvin Haggler.

Phillip’s top boxing tip;

“Train hard and get yourself as fit as you can. Conditioning on your side”

Phillip’s fighters to watch for in the future;

 Commonwealth games athletes, all of them are good fighters.


4. Coorparoo Boxing

Website – Coorparoo Boxing 

Phone – 0411692553

Coorparoo Boxing Club welcomes you regardless of your boxing ability or fitness level. Coorparoo Boxing is affiliated with Boxing Australia and can offer pathways to Commonwealth and Olympic competition.

Head Coach – Harry Costi told us his passion for boxing started in 1981. Harry started training at a boxing gym named Jabba boxing gym and was part of the Police boys club.

Harry’s favourite all time boxer;

Sugar Ray Leonard

Harry’s top boxing tip;

“Be as fit as you can. “

Harry’s fighters to watch for in the future;

 Liam Wilson

5. Bethania Boxing Club

Facebook – Bethania Boxing Club 

Phone –  0419475877

Bethania Boxing club is headed up by Mark Wilson. Mark has had a passion for boxing all his life. From 5 years old he was fascinated with the boxing world.

Marks favourite all time boxer;

Muhammad Ali

Marks top boxing tip;

“Train hard and listen”

Marks fighters to watch for the future;

Justis Huni & Caitlin Parker

Justis Huni with dad Rocki Huni and trainer Mark Wilson (credit courier mail)

Caitlin Parker

Caitlin Parker (credit The West Australian)

6Box R

Website – Box R 

Phone – 07 32160440

Head Coach Craig Mckim has two gyms in and around Brisbane 1 in Teneriffe and the other in 17 Mile Rocks.

Craig Started boxing at the age of 6. Coming to boxing for Craig was a transition from Rugby and being a smaller lad, it put him on a level playing field in the boxing ring as opposed to the rugby field.

Craig’s favourite all time boxers;

Roy Jones Junior

Joe Calzaghe

Craig’s fighters to watch for the future;

Taylah Robertson

Craig also told us we will be seeing big things from his lad Gabriel Kafi in the not so distant future.

Taylah Robertson (credit Impact Boxing) 

7MBA Group Fitness and Boxing

Facebook – MBA Fitness and Boxing

Mack Utai Head Boxing Coach here at MBA Group Fitness and Boxing told us;

“MBA Group Fitness and Boxing” is the product of a collaboration between 2 fitness professionals (April Tumahai and myself) sharing a vision of making a positive impact on the lives of the general public through the promotion of fitness, healthy living and improved general well being within a motivating and friendly environment.

We both started off in our own fields before starting MBA, April running her ‘Group Fitness’ franchise and myself a Boxing Coach at my former gym.

Through our unified vision along with our passion, dedication, determination and drive ‘MBA Group Fitness and Boxing’ has been in operation for 3 years now.

We do have a competitive Amateur Boxing Team who compete on a regular basis, we have Peewee Boxers 6yrs+ right through to Masters boxers; our oldest competitor 51yo.

Macks favourite all time boxers;

Floyd Mayweather Jnr… His defensive boxing style can crack any Da Vinci code, and he’s proven it time after time.

A close second David Tua…because of Macks Samoan heritage

Macks fighters to watch for the future

Justis Huni and Liam Wilson

That rounds up our top 7 Gyms in and around Brisbane – Feel free to leave your comments below and if you think anyone has been missed, that deserves a mention be sure to let us know. 


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